National Forum – Online Short-term Holiday Rental Platforms

A national forum on planning responses to the impact of online short-term holiday rental (STHR) platforms was held on Tuesday 20 March at Geelong, in Victoria.

The forum was held in conjunction with the 2018 Australian Coastal Councils Conference, and was attended by representatives of coastal councils, local government associations, and the short-term holiday rental industry.

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2018 Australian Coastal Councils Conference

The 2018 Australian Coastal Councils Conference was held at the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre from Wednesday 21 March to Friday 23 March.

The conference program featured topics of relevance to all coastal stakeholders, including:

  • The positive contribution planning can make to prepare coastal communities for change in the 21stcentury;
  • The importance of character and sense of place to coastal residents;
  • Extreme coastal erosion intensified by storm wave direction; and
  • New ways of estimating temporary populations in coastal communities.

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